What is Jeunesse Global? - Jeunesse FAQ's

Jeunesse FAQ's

To help you get a better understanding of Jeunesse products and the opportunity, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers in several key categories.

Should you have a question that you cannot find an answer to relating to the Jeunesse Products or becoming a Jeunesse distributor yourself, simply drop us a line and a member of the SkinCare Crew will get back to you shortly. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and provide responses to all enquiries within 4 hours.

The Science Behind Jeunesse Skin Care Products

Do Jeunesse products contain live stem cells?

No, Jeunesse products are based on stem cell technology but there are no live stem cells or embryonic stem cells used in any products. What is used is a growth factor derived from world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman. The growth factor is derived from healthy stem cells but no actual stem cells are used in products.

What is Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum and what are its main benefits?

Luminesce is a moisturizing complex made with Jeunesse’s unique growth factor complex, and is the company’s most popular product. Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum is made from a patent-pending formula that contains more than 200 essential human growth factors. This serum helps to minimize lines and wrinkles, refreshes collagen and elastin and helps the skin main a youthful and luminous appearance.

How is the Jeunesse stem cell skin serum created?

Stem cells are extracted from the adipose or fat tissues from healthy humans. They are then cultured in a media, which then contains the essential qualities of these stem cells. This solution is then filtered and additional powerful healing ingredients are added. In this way, the serum has all of the characteristics of stem cells but the actual stem cells are filtered out.

Buying Jeunesse

Do I have to be a distributor to buy Jeunesse products?

No, you can purchase products as a customer of SkinCare Crew either as a retail customer (no sign up) or purchase at wholesale rates by becoming a preferred customer. This is a way to try the products for yourself before deciding whether or not to become a distributor.

What is a Preferred Customer?

You can become a Preferred Customer for free and get wholesale pricing on all Jeunesse products. This is a way to save money as a customer with no obligations or autoshipping required.

What is a Autoship?

Autoship is a convenient way to have your favourite order delivered direct to your door each month. Autoship is a must for distributors of Jeunesse to maintain active status within the company. Active status is achieved by ordering 60CV or more of products each month, which is required to accumulate team volume (commissions from team sales), and make money from the Jeunesse system.

What are the best Jeunesse products to try first?

While there are benefits from all Jeunesse products, many customers and distributors start out with Luminesce and/or AM & PM Essentials. These products provide some of the most powerful benefits on a daily basis. One of the great benefits of becoming a distributor is this allows you to purchase the value packs. The ultimate way to start your Jeunesse journey as a distributor is to purchase the Ambassador Package.

Using Jeunesse Products

How should I use Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum?

To get the maximum benefits from this very popular product, use it twice daily after cleansing. When using the serum in the morning it should be followed by an application of the Daily Moisturizer and when used in the evening, should be followed by an application of the Nightly Repair, for overnight rejuvenation.

What are AM & PM Essentials and how should they be taken?

These are two separate products that work synergistically together. AM Essentials are taken in the morning to provide you with maximum energy during the day. PM Essentials balance your body and helps you sleep restfully.

What is Reserve?

Reserve is a specially formulated gel that contains a botanical blend of powerful antioxidants. It’s main benefits are giving you energy and protecting the cells against free radical damage. A box contains 30 packets and it is recommended that you take one every morning.

Becoming a Jeunesse Distributor

How do I enroll as a distributor?

Becoming a Jeunesse distributor is easy. Join the SkinCare Crew team, the fastest growing Jeunesse team in the world and follow the prompts to set up your account.

What do I have to buy when I first start out as a distributor?

You will start off with a starter product package, which is a basic business kit to get you enrolled. You will have several choices from here interms of choosing a package of products. Depending on which products you are most interested in and your budget, you can choose a package that fits your needs. Value packs are only available once at the time of sign up and as such, we suggests starting out right away with the Ambassador Package if possible.

Is it necessary for me to set up autoship?

While it’s not mandatory, autoship is highly recommended to help you succeed as a Jeunesse distributor. This ensures that you meet the requirements to earn money and team commissions each month. It also provides you with a steady supply of your favorite Jeunesse products, delivered direct to your door.

Making Money With Jeunesse

How many ways can I earn money with Jeunesse?

There are six different income streams. These are:

  • Retail Profit - As a distributor, you buy products at wholesale prices and can sell them at retail prices.
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonuses - These bonuses range from $25 to $250 for new customers you enroll.
  • Team Commissions - If you earn at least 100 personal volume points in a month, you are qualified to share in team commissions.
  • Leadership Matching Bonuses - These bonuses can be earned up to seven levels of your team in each of your lines of sponsorship.
  • Customer Acquisition Incentives - This is an additional 5% bonus if you have at least five retail or wholesale customers. It goes up to 10% if you have at least ten retail or wholesale customers.
  • Diamond Bonus Pool - This allows you to share in the company’s global sales. To qualify for this, you must first achieve Diamond or Double Diamond Director.
What is the Get 2, It’s Paid For You program?

This is an easy way to start off earning money quickly with Jeunesse. After you sign up your first two Preferred Customers, you immediately get $50, become qualified for the month, get 60 CV points and two free sample bottles of Luminesce.

What type of training is available to help me succeed with Jeunesse?

There are a wide variety of training materials and resources to help you succeed including your very own Jeunesse website to sell product from day one! Another awesome tool is J-Social. J-Social allows you to powerfully integrate Jeunesse promotions into social media. SkinCare Crew, a Jeunesse Business Development Team, are expert trainers in growing a successful MLM business and provide their team members access to weekly meetings, exclusive Facebook support groups, a substantial welcome kit and 24 hour support. Join the best Jeunesse business team in the world and get started today.