How to Join as a Jeunesse Distributor – Step By Step Guide

So you have done your research into the company, completed your due diligence on the business opportunity and are now ready to join as a Jeunesse Distributor. Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life!

Here is a step by step guide of what you need to do now.

Step 1.  Open the Online Application Form

Step 2.  Select the country in which you live and your preferred language.

Step 3.  Agree to the terms and conditions

Step 4.  Website Address Selection

jeunesse website address selection

This is where you create your custom website ‘url’ or domain name for your own personal Jeunesse website. You can then send people to your personal website where they can buy product from you or join your business as a distributor. For instance ours is :

Where it says ‘Main Site URL’ you can add in your custom website name. So if your name is Mary Jane you may wish to add in maryjane to the box which would give you a website address of :

Step 5.  Create a password for your account

Step 6.  Distributor Information

➢ Add in your Name

➢ Add in our bank account details so Jeunesse know where to pay your commission. You can choose not to enter your bank details if you wish. If you choose to do it this way Jeunesse will pay you into an online Jeunesse wallet that you can withdraw you commission from with a Jeunesse Visa Card.

➢ Add in your company name only if applicable

➢ Display Name can be anything you like. This name is what you will be seen as by other Jeunesse members within the company.

➢ If you are in the USA you will need to add in your SSN (social security number) if you are not in the USA skip the SSN section.

➢ If you have a second person you wish to be on your account add them in the Co - Applicant section.

➢ If you’re in Australia you will have a GST question. If you do not have an ABN, Click on - “I declare that my Independent Distributorship is a hobby, not an enterprise.” You can change this later if you decide to register and ABN

If you have an ABN enter in your ABN name and ABN number details.


Step 7.  Enter Your Contact Details

Step 8.  Enter you Mailing Address and Shipping Address. Sometime the Jeunesse sign up system does not recognize your address as it may have a slight discrepancy with a suburb or a postcode.

To proceed with the application it must match exactly. (Hopefully this technicality will be changed soon). If you have any issues with the address section you can try adding in your postcode and suburb first then adding your street address, or get your exact address how it should be entered by visiting If that fails to work please call us on 0420457480 or if calling from outside of Australia call 0061420457480.

Step 9.  Select the STARTER KIT This is the official sign up kit to get you started as a Jeunesse Distributor. The cost varies from country to country but for instructional purposes lets look at an Australian sign up which has a cost of $32.95 AUD


The starter kit includes your own personal retail website, access to your Jeunesse business back office with business management and reporting system. The Starter Kit fee must be renewed annually unless 360 CV (commissionable volume) is maintained in Autoship in the preceding year.  If 360 CV in Autoship is maintained during the preceding year, the annual renewal fee is waived.  Annual Renewal is only $19.95.

Step 10.  Select Your Sign up Package To become an income earning distributor you must activate your account by purchasing one of the Sign Up Packages.

The Sign up Packages provide extreme value for money with heavily discounted products to get you started off in the business and accustomed to all of the products.  Sign up Value packages are only available for one purchase only when you first Sign up with Jeunesse so you are best to invest in a quality pack.

On each pack you can click on “View Description” to see exactly what is included in each pack.

The number 1 pack to purchase if you are serious about building a great business is the “Ambassador Package (Promotional Best Value).”

This pack provides the absolute best value for money and best of all, gives you SAPPHIRE ranking for the first 6 months of your business!  Basically this allows you to generate a higher level of commission from your team commissions for the first 6 months. This is well worth the upfront investment.

If your budget does not stretch to the Ambassador Pack you can still join as an official distributor on any one of the other Sign Up Packages.


Step 11.  Click – “Confirm Signup”

Step 12.  Now to set up your Monthly Autoship To maintain as a Paid Jeunesse distributor you need to stay ‘active’ by ordering a minimum of 60CV of product each month.

Adding 60CV worth of products to an Autoship order is the best way to never worry about achieving this each month as you set it up to be delivered every 30 days.To give you an example - 60CV is one bottle of Luminesce Rejuvenation Serum.

Your Autoship can be changed or even cancelled at any time so don’t stress if you don’t know what you would like to order next month. If you don’t know just add in 1 product above 60CV and complete the signup. You will not be billed for your Autoship order until 30 days once it is shipped out for you.

Step 13.  Congratulations on Becoming an Official Jeunesse Distributor!

Lets talk! We will be calling you within 24 hours of your sign up to get an understanding of what it is you would like to achieve with your Jeunesse business and how we can help you achieve your goals.  We provide you with all the tools, training, tips and strategies and set you up with support groups, free weekly webinars, free information meetings for you and your prospects and of course, phone support anytime you need it!

Also on this call we will show you how to set up your new personal Jeunesse website so you can get started straight away.

Should you have any trouble at all with the sign up process or questions about the Jeunesse online application form, feel free to contact us for assistance on the details below. We are always available to help and assist you.

Brad Mathers
Phone: (in AUS) 0420 457 480
Phone: (outside AUS) 0061420457480

We look forward to working with you and helping you build your successful Jeunesse business. Become A Distributor Now