Jeunesse Home Business Coaching For Free?

June 15, 2015, 11.14 AM Posted by: Michael Allen

Jeunesse Home Business Coaching For Free?

Free coaching anyone?

Recently I was quoted a figure of $200 per hour for some basic coaching in creating social media presentations.

As I thought about whether I was willing to pay that price, I started reflecting on the 30+ years as a Network Marketing Professional.

I thought about the many hours I had spent, creating and sharing training sessions. The number of PowerPoint presentations I had shared with literally tens of thousands of groups, globally, over all those years. Conducting one on one launch programs for every new team member. All of the Saturday morning sessions with not only my team, but anyone else’s team, that was willing to attend. The number of daily 3 way telephone calls and Skype calls I had been involved with all alongside the daily interaction with team members who were seeking mentoring and coaching.

I don’t believe I could possibly count up all those hours or all of the willing participants. It could possibly be added up in 'years' and the population of a small country.

Now I just happen to love coaching and training.  I really love to see those people grow and prosper.  Maybe with just one piece of advice or information I may have shared, to see one of the team recognised on stage or to actually break through the 'fear' barrier and actually present the opportunity or training really fills me with pride!

There is more growth and personal development in the Network Marketing industry than any other industry. I always remember Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) suggesting the children of Network Marketers were the most socially mature kids because they were constantly interacting with grown ups.

So when you think about the amount of money I have accumulated over these 30+ years for coaching, mentoring, working daily with so many new people, you would think it would add up to millions of dollars at the rate of $200 per hour? Well the reality is I am a Network Marketing professional and like so many other leaders in my incredible industry, I have not charged one single cent, penny, ringgit, rupee or even a shekel!

One of those individuals that promotes the concept of 'taking responsibility'. We don’t really care what colour, creed, religion you may be. What level of education you may have received. As long as you are coachable and teachable, have the burning desire to succeed and can understand you may need to make some changes in your life, then you are more than welcome in our class.

Now if only I had thought about charging $200 per hour from day one, I could have retired years ago! Or then again, maybe the reason why we enjoy incredible success in an industry that has an annual turnover of $180 billion USD is because we never have?

Are you ready for your free coaching? Join the “class of Jeunesse success,” today!