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Jeunesse Global is a unique opportunity that offers its distributors a way to build a sustainable and substantial business while helping to introduce customers to the most advanced anti-aging products found anywhere in the world. Whether you came to this opportunity because you were a satisfied customer or you were searching for a business opportunity with unlimited potential, Jeunesse can be just what you are looking for.

An Introduction to Jeunesse

An Introduction to Jeunesse

Jeunesse Global is a new kind of network marketing company. Founded in 2009, it has headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Although it is based in the US, Jeunesse is one of the most globally oriented network marketing companies in the world. This is one of the reasons it represents an unusually expansive opportunity, as Jeunesse is positioned to grow in many different countries and continents. The company has several key objectives.

Bring the latest scientific breakthroughs in health, skin care and anti-aging to as many people as possible. Their Y.E.S. or Youth Enhancement system is dedicated to helping people look and feel their best and enjoy a better quality of life.

Create an unprecedented opportunity for distributors, allowing individuals, regardless of prior business experience, to build global, expanding networks that bring in ever-increasing financial rewards.

Set an example for the direct selling and multilevel marketing industries by abiding by a higher set of standards. Jeunesse is a member in good standing of the Direct Selling Association.

Help solve global problems such as world hunger with programs such as Jeunesse Kids.

An Overview of the Jeunesse Opportunity

An Overview of the Jeunesse Opportunity

There are many multilevel or network marketing companies, selling a wide variety of products and services. Jeunesse Global however, has set out to be different by offering not only the highest quality, scientifically tested products but also by created a culture where distributors are actually able to succeed and achieve their objectives. Jeunesse offers distributors several ways to begin earning money and other rewards quickly. With Jeunesse, you can earn multiple streams of income from sources such as:

Retail Sales - Introduce customers to Jeunesse products and earn commissions on retail sales. You will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices and earn profits on all sales.

New Customer Acquisition Bonus - Earn a bonus every time you find a new customer. These bonuses range from $25 to $250.

Team Commissions - This allows you to earn money based on the performance of your team. Best of all, you earn team commissions on products sold anywhere in the world.

Leadership Bonus Pool - These bonuses include trips and vacations to exotic places.

Get 2 It’s Paid For You Promotion - This is one of the ways that Jeunesse makes it easy for new distributors to start off earning money quickly, in a straightforward manner. Once you sign up two Preferred Customers, you will receive $50 and also receive two free sample bottles of one of Jeunesse’s most popular products, Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. As long as the two customers you signed up continue ordering, you will continue to receive these two bottles every month. This is an easy way to not only earn money, but also to get free products for your personal use.

The Latest Direct Selling Strategies

The Latest Direct Selling Strategies

Jeunesse does not only offer some of the most innovative anti-aging products and a very attractive payment plan, it also provides some powerful platforms to help distributors succeed. One of these is the J-Social marketing system, designed to leverage the power of social media and make it easy to bring in new customers and distributors using the most popular social networks.

J-Social provides a simple but powerful shopping cart and video widget in any social media platform. This patented technology gives distributors a real edge when it comes to recruiting, as they can send educational recruiting videos to prospects via social media. Using this system, prospects can order samples without ever leaving the social media environment such as Facebook.

This is a powerful and unique technology that is possessed exclusively by Jeunesse. This is just one example of how Jeunesse is on the leading edge of the MLM and direct selling industries.

Jeunesse Products

Jeunesse Products

When considering a business opportunity with an MLM company, you really need to focus equally on the financial factors and the actual products. The products, after all, are at the foundation of any business. Jeunesse has created a truly unique line of health and anti-aging products. These products are not simply run-of-the-mill skin care products that you can get anywhere.

They are based on some key areas of contemporary scientific research – Patent Pending stem cell technology, DNA repair and telomere maintenance.

Some of the products that Jeunesse offers include:

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum - What makes this product special is that it contains a unique formula derived from stem cells that contains more than 200 natural human growth factors. This stimulates the skin to heal and replenish itself.

AM & PM Essentials - These are dietary supplements based on many years of anti-aging research. They contain a powerful mix of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients to protect your cells from harmful free radicals. These supplements support increased energy, better sleep, healthier skin and even faster growing hair and nails.

Reserve - A botanical blend of powerful antioxidants designed to prevent cellular free radical damage. Also contains essential fatty acids to support digestive health.

Finiti - Based on the latest anti-aging research, this product preserves the length of your telomeres, which are repetitive DNA sequences that protect your chromosomes. Research has shown that aging is associated with the shortening of telomeres. Jeunesse Finiti is the first supplement that is able to address this crucial issue.

Zen Bodi - Worldwide release of this new and exciting range of health products are underway and will change the way the world looks at health supplements. The Zen Bodi range is a holistic approach to weight management and muscle growth and has been designed by Dr. Giampapa, a nominee for the 2014 Nobel Prize for Medicine. The time to join Jeunesse is now!

These are some of the amazing products that set Jeunesse apart from other companies that make skin care products, vitamins or other supplements. There are also many other products to choose from.

Customers typically start off by trying one or two products and then often incorporate a wide range of others into their lives. Once people try Jeunesse, they often start to gradually replace these cutting edge products with the ones they had been using. This is unique in MLM businesses as this ongoing product use creates a high retention rate in your business, providing you with customers for life.

The Many Benefits of Getting Involved With Jeunesse

The Many Benefits of Getting Involved With Jeunesse

The quality and effectiveness of the Jeunesse line of products is highly beneficial to you as both a consumer and a distributor. You can sign up as a Preferred Customer for free. This immediately allows you to take advantage of wholesale pricing, with no auto shipping or obligation.

Many people who join as Preferred Customers go on to become distributors once they experience the incredible life changing results of Jeunesse products. Others, who are anxious and excited to start earning money and other rewards, start out right away as distributors.

Whether you begin as a Preferred Customer or distributor, you can begin acquiring all Jeunesse products at wholesale prices. This will allow you to start seeing for yourself the unmatched life enhancing benefits of these products. Then, if you are interested in building your own business, you can begin to take advantage of the multiple streams of income that are available to distributors.

If you would like more information on exactly how to become a Jeunesse distributor , please visit our step by step guide.

Get in touch with us today, we are more than happy to help you achieve your health and financial goals with Jeunesse.

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Become a Jeunesse Distributor and start your own business today!  For just $32.95 you will instantly receive your very own distributor website where your customers can purchase product directly from you!  No holding stock, no business hassles or paying rent for a shop, this is the new era of doing business. On top of this, by becoming a distributor you can also purchase any product from the Jeunesse range for yourself at absolute bargain wholesale prices.  This is your opportunity to build substantial residual income and financial freedom for years to come.

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