Mike and Lyn Allen - Jeunesse & the 'Journey of Success!'

June 11, 2015, 1.02 PM Posted by: Michael Allen

Mike and Lyn Allen – Jeunesse & the ‘Journey of  Success!’

A phone call from a close friend, Neil, in September of 1983, suggesting that there was a chance we could make some “serious lifestyle income” working together, started me off on this incredible 30+ year “journey of success!”

A lady by the name of Caroline Hazeldine was presenting some information on a company called Herbalife at a hotel in Malvern, Worcestershire, in the UK! I really wasn’t that impressed with the evening or the opportunity being offered. Neil suggested we drove 3 hours to London on the following Saturday to hear the full story from the founder of Herbalife, Mr. Mark Hughes, the Director of Sales, Mr. Larry Thompson and a motivational speaker by the name of Mr. Jim Rohn!

It was that day that changed my entire thinking and direction in life when Jim Rohn uttered those immortal words; if you want things to change, you have to change! If you want things to get better, you have to get better! It was the start of me taking responsibility for my life! No more blaming other people for my situation.

Incredible learning from the leaders of Herbalife for 4 years gave me the platform of success. I joined a start up company called L’Arome, based in Deeside, Chester, in August of 1987, again with Neil. We took that company to Australia in March 1989, where we enjoyed an incredibly successful launch.

I decided, at this stage in my life, that the future was Australia and I settled in Melbourne from December 1992.

Sadly L’Arome went into liquidation in Feb 1993, which meant going back to the world of the J.O.B. (just over broke). I then had the great good fortune to meet my beautiful bride Lyn during that time as a car salesman for Penfold Mazda. Making her an offer she couldn’t refuse… “Buy the car and you can have me as a bonus!!” How could she refuse??

In August 1995 we started our first network marketing company working full time, together. The company, Family of Eagles, was not created for the long term and therefore when Mannatech came along in October 1998 we joined, prior to the official launch, going on to achieve the only Gold Presidential position in Australasia, serving on the Advisory Council for 3 years. An amazing company which served us well for 14 years, until the company became too “product focused for us!”

I decided to find the next adventure, meeting with Mr. Holton Buggs, Exec VP Sales with Organo Gold, in January 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I suggested it would be in his interest to bring Organo Gold to Australia & New Zealand, which he agreed to do, launching in June 2013. Lyn and I achieved personal team sales of $1.7 million, in that month, achieving the position of Black Diamonds!

What we had not taken into account was the Australian/NZ love affair with gourmet coffee, gourmet coffee shops and the social life that revolves around that belief. A such, packet coffee never really took off.

This lead me to a phone call, in August 2014, with Lyndon Biernoff, Jeunesse Double Diamond! That 60 minute phone call made me realize the company, the people, the products and the culture would be a perfect fit for Lyn, myself and a whole host of people looking for their final home.

As I share this story with you the team has really taken off. Jeunesse is currently the greatest “momentum” company in the world with annual sales in our 6th year closing in on $1 billion USD.  Myself and Lyn are proud to have elevated within the company, we are now qualified Ruby Directors within Jeunesse and fast closing in on Emerald. The network marketing duo of Mike and Lyn Allen are definitely on course with Jeunesse.

It's truly amazing to see the highly successful group of team members we have the honour of working with also enjoying incredible success! The timing is absolutely perfect to jump on board and ride the wave of Jeunesse!

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