Network Marketing Explained

Network Marketing Explained

Network Marketing and the Digital Entrepreneur

Network marketing, which is called multilevel marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM and other terms, bases its business model on the concept of selling products and services for other companies. You can sell products directly and recruit other people or affiliate marketers to sell these products as well. You earn direct commissions on every product you sell or leverage through your affiliate contacts, so you can quickly build a large, self-sustaining business operation that produces a lucrative income. You can get started by selling to family members, friends, business associates and affiliates. The simple idea works well when you set up your system properly and find products that are not only popular but also the type of goods that people want to reorder. Each product you sell earns a large commission. Each person whom you recruit generates a residual income when he or she sells a product. The more people whom you recruit through personal and digital contacts, the more income you can earn. The business model is extraordinarily simple but effective in building a business.


Work from Your Home to Realize Your Potential

Defining a dream job means different things for different people, but the ability to earn money online is pretty high on the list for most people. Network and affiliate marketing opportunities can supplement your income or replace it entirely. The Small Business Administration reports that more than half of all businesses are now home-based due to digital communications devices. If you've never considered selling before, digital tools have changed how products and services are marketed and sold everywhere.

You don't need a silver tongue or selling skills to take advantage of digital marketing. You just need to develop digital marketing skills and knowledge, which are easily learned. Affiliate companies offer plenty of training tools to get you started. These aids include online training sessions, e-books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, marketing and advertising templates and other support materials.


Network Marketing Benefits

The benefits of owning your own home business include the potential to work for yourself, low startup costs and the potential to earn millions based on the MLM business model that produces residual income. Each affiliate that you recruit adds money to your sales, so it's easy to build a huge distributorship quickly and profitably. More network marketers have become millionaires than in any other field. The reason that some people succeed and others fail is based on their willingness to work at the job every day.

Benefits of multilevel marketing include:

Lowest startup costs: You can literally start earning money from home with almost no capital investment because many companies offer perks like free websites, marketing materials and training.

Flexible marketing options: Marketing can be accomplished with digital tools instead of the slow, old-fashioned way of knocking on doors and hosting parties. However, you can also generate greater interest and better targeting for in-person sales situations.

Professional marketing materials: Most MLM companies offer their affiliates suites of professional marketing tools such as advertising templates, support materials and a customer base to help you get started.

Freedom for working in your own way: If you want to begin earning some extra money at home or want to start a business with full-time potential, you can find the ideal business model for your needs.

Unlimited income potential: Working from home, you can build a distributorship or digital marketing business that has unlimited potential and can easily replace your regular 9–5 job.

No inventory: You don't have to risk your money by ordering a large inventory of products. MLM allows you to order only what you need when you need it. The home company handles inventory, storage and shipping details.

Residual income: You can earn commissions on repeat sales and a smaller commission on each product that the people whom you recruit order. You can build a self-sustaining business on residual income that allows you to explore other business opportunities.

Tax benefits: You can deduct a percentage of your home's upkeep and regular expenses when you work from home.


Building Your Business to Earn Money Online

The primary reason for MLM successes and failures is usually due to marketing savvy. If you want to make money online, you need to know something about regular marketing, digital marketing and search engine optimization or SEO. If you don't have these skills already, you can learn them. Digital marketing strategies include:

Designing a website to sell your products and services directly

Building an email list of people to whom you can market products or affiliate-sales relationships

Reviewing products and posting comments on blogs to establish your presence

Finding an affiliate partner who offers website and/or marketing services

Placing ads in strategic locations to promote your products by using tools like Google AdWords


Your Website

Your website is a critical link, and designing a responsive and attractive website with compelling content can make your dream of working from home a reality. Many companies offer free or low-cost website design and hosting services. Some affiliate marketers will also help you design and build a functional website.  The Jeunesse SkinCare Crew team are experts in this field.

Another key idea for marketing your business is hosting a capture page to attract prospective affiliate marketers. Remember that each person you recruit offers potential for long-term residual income and commissions. You want to attract both customers for your products and affiliate marketers in order to earn big incomes.


Training and Support

You don't have to start as an expert because you'll learn more each day. Marketing strategies evolve constantly, so you'll discover new opportunities regularly after you've mastered the basics. Many affiliate partners offer training programs, and you can find a wealth of information online about SEO, marketing and building and developing customer lists.


Choosing the Right Products

Choosing the best affiliate products involves selecting companies, goods and services that have long-term appeal and potential for repeat business. That's why consumables are so popular—items like personal care products, nutritional supplements, weight loss products and cosmetics. Another approach is selling products that use paper filters, supplies and other accessories that customers need to reorder from you and your affiliates. Consider the following issues when evaluating potential products for multilevel marketing:

Products that offer real value or premium quality

Repeat sales potential

Broad consumer appeal

Rare products that generate bragging rights

Choosing companies and products that are technology-friendly

In general, it's safest to avoid trends and fads if you want to build a long-term business. However, some entrepreneurs make lots of money by capitalizing on a market's direction quickly and moving along to the next trend.

You can choose from thousands of affiliate marketing programs, so focus on companies and products that fulfil the huge demand for quality goods and services. Try to assess the products benefits and whether it brings value to each customer. If the answer is positive, then the product might be a good prospect for network marketing.

If you want to make money online, an affiliate marketing program might be the best option for you. MLM programs cost little investment in capital and provide room for unlimited growth and training for motivated entrepreneurs.