Why Jeunesse is the Best Choice in Network Marketing.

If you are looking for a new network marketing opportunity in 2015 there really is only one main player to consider, and that company without a doubt, is Jeunesse Global.

Before we go on I will disclose that I am a Jeunesse distributor.  Everything that I will write in this article is based my own views on the company.  I have experienced network marketing in multiple companies over the years and can honestly say that nothing has come close to the ‘all in one’ company that is Jeunesse Global.

Having been in involved in another network marketing companies prior to joining Jeunesse I can say from experience that momentum is everything!  There is something to be said about a company that can buck the trend of the industry, go against the grain of what has traditionally been done before and still aim its sights on becoming the fastest network marketing company in history to reach $1 Billion of annual revenue sales.

So how have they bucked the trend?  How has a company so new to the industry been able to achieve such enormous growth?  There is actually a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that differentiate Jeunesse from other Network Marketing company’s.

Why Jeunesse is Different

The products on offer from Jeunesse Global are truly unique.  The number 1 thing you want to see when looking at a network marketing opportunity is a product or range of products with a clear unique selling point. Jeunesse has been able to underpin their global success with a unique skin care range called Luminesce, the first skin care range in the world that utilises adult derived stem cell technology used in their cellular rejuvenating skin care formulations.

Now imagine if the youth restoring effect of these anti aging products could be demonstrated live in under 2 minutes.  Well, now they can.

Instantly Ageless.  The name that really says it all.  Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is a micro cream formulated with a peptide named Argireline.  Argireline when applied to the skin, mimics the effect of Botox and in turn removes the visible signs of wrinkles, eye bags, skin creases and blemishes.  No needles or invasive surgery and the most incredible thing of all, results appear in under 2 minutes.  People can now look 10 years younger by applying this Instantly Ageless cream and waiting 2 minutes. Wow, and the effects of this last from 8-10 hours.

Who do you know that WOULDN’T want to buy this.

Don’t take my word for it though, watch the video below and order some now to try for yourself!

But just having great products is by no means enough to succeed in the network marketing arena.  The real magic happens when a company can combine these unique products with a clear, and well-managed strategic growth plan. To find the real answer to this company’s global success, lets take a look at how Jeunesse Global strategically launched their Network Marketing business around the world.

The Ultimate Momentum

Traditionally, Network Marketing Company’s launch their initial distributor positions and product ranges in the United States.  The initial focus is solely on the USA, building up massive local momentum, then as soon as that momentum starts to fade, they then look at the next country or continent to focus their marketing efforts.   This process is then repeated from continent to continent.

From the outside looking in, the company appears to be in full time, worldwide momentum.  Let's face it, growth in any region at any time can still be marketed as growth, right?  Sure, but in reality, on the surface it is really only segmented, regional growth, with the company’s overall momentum slowly being dragged down by the burdening markets that were once flourishing and buoyant.

What Jeunesse has done is truly remarkable and ultimately, very well executed.  Jeunesse is a company of only 5 years of age and only now, after its 5th year of operation, has it turned its focus on the biggest network marketing market in the world, The United States.

Yes that’s correct, only after 5 years of operation have they focussed their efforts on the USA!  Now that to me really speaks volumes.

By first building a solid business foundation throughout Asia, Europe, UK, and along with unprecedented growth by Jeunesse in Australia, Jeunesse has created growth that resembles more like a ‘rising flood’ as opposed to the traditionally ‘tsunami’ like boom and bust growth that we traditionally see.  There's a saying that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ and that is exactly what's happening around the world with Jeunesse Global. Now that the focus has started on the USA, all other markets that are already in full swing are also benefitting from the massive USA momentum.  Can you see the difference?

Well it is certainly working.  The momentum that Jeunesse is having is undeniable.  According to the latest Business For Home article, Jeunesse is now the #1 ranked direct sales company in the world for momentum, and the fastest growing DSA company on the INC 500 list.

But the real excitement is what this company is all about.  Selling products, and lots of them.  Jeunesse Global is set to become the fastest ever Network marketing company to achieve $1Billion Dollars in annual sales.  They are on track to achieve that by the end of 2015 which will only be their 6th year of operation.

When you compare this to other long term giants of the network marketing industry you get the bigger picture of just how big Jeunesse are becoming.

Why you Should Join Jeunesse

So how do you get involved?  My best advice, Get in now!  Do not hesitate on this opportunity because the time is now and you do not want to miss the boat.  I am enrolling people everyday, from all walks of life, ready to make a change for the better.  You can start your own Jeunesse business with very minimal startup cost with no limit as to how much you can earn.  You get out of jeunesse what you put in and we have the team, support systems, state of the art marketing materials and know-how to help get you to where you want to be, quickly.

To get started with Jeunesse right now, simply fill out the Jeunesse online application and prepare for the best chapter of your life!  If you have any questions about joining Jeunesse please check out our complete how to join Jeunesse guide or get in contact with us on 0420 457 480 (within Australia) or 0061420457480 (if calling from outside Australia).

Let this year be the year you take control of your future and start living life on your terms!

Talk with you soon,

Brad Mathers

+61 420 457 480